Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Components of Kitchen Fire Suppression System

  • 1 Control Panel
  • 2 Manual Pull
  • 3 Audio Visual Alarm
  • 4 Heat Sensing Cable
  • 5 Wet Chemical Agent Storage
  • 6 Temperature Sensor (Optional)
  • 7 Discharge Line
  • 8 Discharge Nozzle
  • 9 Gas Supply Auto Shut Off Valve
Kitchen Fire Suppression System - Activated

Fire Suppression System - Activated



  • 24 Hour Protection
    24 Hour Protection - An automatic detection and actuation controls ensures protection is always on.
  • Unobtrusive Design
    Unobtrusive Design - Flexible piping configurations allows for a streamlined design and convenient installation that will not interfere with kitchen workflow.
  • Non Toxic
    Non Toxic - It does not release toxic vapours during discharge. It is ideal for the protection of normally occupied premises.
  • Event Logger
    Event Logger - Multiple events are logged which helps in detecting fauIts/ actions by recording exact date and time of the event.
  • Minimal Downtime
    Minimal Downtime - Very easy to wipe of chemical, clean the equipment and restart your kitchen.
  • Manual Activation
    Manual Activation - The manual release allows an activation of the system at the first sign of fire, even before it is automatically released.
  • Overlapping Design
    Overlapping Design - Gives the convenience of shuffling cooking range order.

System Design & Operation

  • The system consists of wet agent tank enclosed in S.S. box, Heat sensing cable, Nozzles, and Piping.
  • Optional (Temperature Sensor, Temperature Controller)
  • The system consists of automatic as well as manual actuation.
  • On actuation system starts spraying low PH - liquid fine suppressant on plenum area, cooking surface, exhaust duct system with predetermined flow rate.
  • On contact with hot grease, it forms a layer of soap like foam on the surface, acting an insulation between hot grease and atmosphere; thus cutting down Oxygen Supply.
  • The system is capable of shutting down other appliances on system actuation, if required.
  • Additional equipments such as gas shutoff valves, alarm, warning fights etc. can be integrated with the system.

K Class Cylinder

  • Stainless steel body
  • Available in following sizes
    9 Itrs., 12 Itrs., 15 Itrs., 18 Itrs., 21 Itrs., 24 Itrs., 27 Itrs., 30 Itrs.

Agent Properties

  • Appearance: Light Brown
  • Freeze Point: -7,0°C
  • Specific Gravity: 1.02 - 1.05 g/cm

Control Panel

Control Panel
  • Digital Display
  • Battery Back-up
  • Turn off other devices as required.
  • Emergency Activation Switch
  • Battery Charging Indicator
  • Fault Indicator
  • Pre Audio Visual alarm before activation
  • Automatically Shuts off the Gas Supply Valve on activation